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Canadians Value Sustainability and Air Quality At Home
posted on March 31, 2011 5:44 PM

The LePage Report on Canadians' Attitudes to Sustainability, released today, reveals that while an overwhelming majority of Canadian homeowners view indoor air quality and using sustainable and green building products as important, only half are aware of products to improve indoor air quality and only one in five use green and sustainable building products.

"It is clear that Canadians value sustainability and indoor air quality," said Michael Terhardt, Marketing Director for LePage® brand adhesives and sealants. "While the vast majority of Canadians are turning to the Internet or home retailers for information on these important subjects, it is clear more work is required to educate homeowners and increase awareness of how to achieve these valued outcomes."

The report showed that British Columbians lead Canada in adoption of environmentally sustainable building products and in knowledge of products that contribute to indoor air quality, followed by those in Ontario and Quebec.  Albertans lag behind in adoption of environmentally sustainable products and overall in following sustainable practices in the home.

The LePage Report also illustrated that Canadian women are more likely to follow sustainable practices in the home than men. For instance, women are more likely than men to recycle, compost, choose organic household products and choose organic local food. However, Marcelo Orchon, Sr. Brand Manager at LePage pointed out that, "Despite significantly more women than men viewing the use of environmentally sustainable building products as important, there is no difference in their adoption."


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