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Insurance Carriers Recognize Green Building Practices
posted on March 22, 2012 5:50 PM

When it comes to Property Loss Insurance, the standard has always been to rebuild to pre-loss conditions.  Insurance companies were only required to replace what was there before a disaster happened, but with new building codes coming into effect internationally, even the Insurance Carriers are looking to enhance their their coverage to include new green standards.

Some large carriers already offer their clients "Green Rebuild" policies that offer additional compensation to use green products in the rebuild process.

While the industry at large is warming up to the idea of green, the question still remains what is a Green Standard? Contractors are getting somewhat caught in the middle of this debate and will need to become familiar with what 'green' means to them and their customers. Ultimately both the Insurance Carrier and the homeowner will look to the contractor for suggestions.

Local building codes which are adopting standards from organisations such as the Green Building Council's LEED Program focus on the broader catagories of energy efficiency and reducing water usage but the contractor is left to his own devices when it comes to advising customers about the best green products to use. Environmental Certification bodies such as EcoLogo can greatly help the contractor choose appropriate products but it does take some research to know what is out there.

If you are a restoration contractor and looking to understand what it means to use green standards in your business, one of the best ways to gain a quick, but thorough, understanding of green and how it applies to your business, a great place to start is by taking the Green Risk Professional course offered by Vale Training. Having gone through the course ourselves, it is an excellent way to grasp the basics and we highly recommend it!

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