Benefect Botanical Disinfectants & Cleaners for the Insurance Restoration Industry


Botanical Antimicrobial Line Added To Xactimate
posted on May 25, 2009 6:10 PM

Great news for Benefect Customers A new line item in Xactimate software makes it much easier to quote a job that requires Benefect’s plant-based technology. Contractors use Benefect products because of their unprecedented safety profile. Unfortunately even though they used a premium product that caters to those with chemical sensitivities, they could only charge regular rates for it or else raise suspicions by modifying the price of the disinfectant they used. Now, by using code WTR>GRMB, an extra 2-3 cents per square foot (varies by region) is added to the quote for using the Botanical Antimicrobial. This allows an additional compensation of $20-$30 per gallon (covers approximately 1000 sq/feet). Contractors are able to more accurately quote a job and use a product that their customers are asking for. This is a tremendous help to contractors with any kind of green program who are quoting on a job that requires a disinfectant. Many contractors and cleaning professionals are scrambling to find alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals due to customer demand. Now, the choice is clear! With this line added to their quoting software it is simple and easy to meet their customers needs for green products.

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