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Can a product be EPA registered for Water Damage?
posted on May 3, 2012 1:44 PM

The answer is yes… sort of. The EPA doesn’t specifically look at the process of water damage or sewage clean up, but they do review where and how the product will be applied.

You can find those applications listed on the EPA Registered disinfectant label. For example on the Benefect EPA approved label, it states…

“Suitable for use in restoration, decontamination & remediation sites (fire, water, sewage, trauma scene) including residential, schools, offices, hotels, health care & food preparation facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, medical, veterinary & dental offices, health professional, chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics, child care centers, nurseries, sickrooms, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, food storage areas, fitness gyms, spas, zoos, barns & kennels.”

The EPA isn’t approving a product to be used in Restoration so much, as they are approving where a disinfectant can be applied. The EPA’s main interest is to protect the public’s safety and so they would be looking if a product has toxicity and what exposure risks there might be in certain environments.

Benefect Disinfectants don’t have any toxicity warnings, signal words or precautionary statements. That means, even though the product is regulated and controlled by the EPA, there is very little restriction in where the product can be applied.

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