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Authentically Botanical Video
posted on February 19, 2016 2:19 PM

People have asked what do we mean when we say Benefect is authentically botanical? 

“Authentic” is defined as not false or copied, genuine, real.

“Botanical” means a substance obtained from a plant.

Benefect was the world’s first and is still the ONLY authentically botanical disinfectant technology.  It uses thyme and other essential oils to kill the germs, replacing the need for synthetic chemicals that are typically hazardous and unsustainable.

Essential oils are powerful compounds that function as the immune system, or antibodies of plants.  Many are traditionally grown at a variety of farms, some large, some small and many family owned, all over the world. Some families have been honing their expertise for more than 140 years!

The thyme plants are collected and the essential oils are immediately extracted from the plant material through a pure and simple steam distillation.

  This part of the process is not overly modern, or highly mechanized and it is more of an art form similar to a wine making. The production output is actually amazing!  One distillation batch comes from just 2 acres of one small family farm and is contained in huge pressurized vats. One vat produces 25 lbs. of essential oil. This is enough to make 5000 gallons of Benefect in just 8 hours!  This is such potent stuff, that just 10 Drums of oil is enough to make about a million gallons of Benefect!  And requires less than 500 acres of land.

  These essential oils are then sampled and then collected to undergo secondary processing and blending at a state-of-the-art distillation facility to ensure specific component profiles and quality standards are met. This is where it gets high tech.

Next, the highly concentrated extracts are further blended and formulated into Benefect products at government regulated facilities in the US & Canada.

So why is choosing authentically botanical products important?  Benefect users have displaced over 12 million lbs. of synthetic chemicals from entering the ecosystem and from entering our bodies. Also, botanical ingredients do not contribute to antimicrobial resistance like synthetic chemicals do.  The world is battling antibiotic-resistant superbugs today, so why would we risk creating antimicrobial-resistant bacteria by using synthetic disinfectants?  It just doesn’t makes sense.  Most importantly, botanicals have the best health and safety profile of any disinfectants in the world for the people using them!  Why would you choose anything else?

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