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Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors and Industry Educators

Below we’ve got a list of frequently asked questions for Contractors and Industry Educators about our Benefect cleaners and disinfectants.
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"Disinfectant" is a legal term that can only be stated on product labels that have been proven to kill 99.99% of specific bacteria. "Fungicide" is also a legal term that proves the product kills 99.99% of fungi. These tests against bacteria and fungi are predetermined by the EPA. In addition to germ kill data, the EPA scientists review the product for other characteristics such as: how toxic the product is to our environment, directions for safe and effective application, storage, disposal and handling plus a complete review of the health and safety profile of the product. When the EPA is satisfied with all the scientific data, the product is registered and issued an EPA number. The product can now be called a disinfectant or a fungicide. The EPA number for Benefect Disinfectant is 84683-1-74771. The EPA number for Decon 30 is 84683-3-74771.